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Common Area's Of Insulation

Energy Saving

What is R-Value and How Much Do I Need?

The "R" stands for resistance to heat flow. A high R-value means greater resistance to heat flow and greater insulating value. 
All types of insulation have an R-value per inch. For example, fiberglass batt insulation provides between R-3.14 per inch and R-4.3 per inch of insulating value. Spray foam insulation has a higher insulation value –around R-6 per inch.

Insulation is also measured by total R-value. So a 3 ½-in.-thick fiberglass batt in 2x4 wall cavity would provide total R-value of R-13 or so. The same stud cavity filled with spray foam insulation would have an R-value of R-21.
Recommended insulation levels for retrofitting existing wood-framed buildings are shown below

Source: US Dept. of Energy

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Source: Energy Star
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